QR Code Tracking Help Animal Adoption Rates

QR is my business, and I have come up with and seen practically limitless uses for QR codes. I’ve seen a number of really novel ideas using QR codes, but the other day I was browsing the web and I found a use for QR code tracking that really felt novel and unique. We have seen tons of people-oriented businesses making great use of QR codes, whether to link to product info, provide contact information, and more, but the Spokane Humane Society has taken things to a new level by using the codes to help facilitate animal adoption.

It’s fairly basic in terms of what QR codes are capable of, but it is actually a great idea. The shelter allows visitors to scan QR codes for any animal, which in turn will create a link directly to the pet’s adoption page so that the visitor can share the pet with family members and the family can sit down and discuss it with all of the pet’s info right in front of them. It is novel, it is clever, and it will help people make better choices when adopting pets.

I suspect that this is just the beginning of the ways that QR codes can be used to benefit the pet population, but it is a great start. It’s good to see smaller businesses and those that we might not associate with the QR market at first really stepping up and adopting the technology. There is so much potential out there for these codes, and I have to tip my hat to anyone who can really present a unique way to help them serve a niche that we may not have thought of yet. It’s a huge market with limitless applications, and I think we are still in the infancy of what we will be able to do with QR code generation in the long run.

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  1. Tom Arnold September 24, 2011 at 10:26 pm #

    We completely agree at PetHub.com. 🙂 (And, we just won a major award for it 😉

  2. Tom Arnold September 24, 2011 at 10:27 pm #

    P.S. We work with shelters to get our QR code pet ID tags to them for at or sometimes below our cost. Drop us a note at info@pethub.com.

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