QR Codes Deliver Results

When we talk about the term Internet of Things (IoT)’, we tend to instantly think about certain devices with the ability to connect to the internet and deliver some kind of service in one way or another. Most of these devices are able to perform and allow you to track items, navigate, connect with other people and so on. However, business organizations have still not been satisfied.

They want to convert Internet of Things’ into Internet of Everything’. They are seeking a way to make sure business organizations can cater to the needs of customers in a better way. QR Codes have come out to be on top. Doc Searls, from the Harvard Business Reviews, conducted an extensive research in this regard. He thinks he may have finally hit the jackpot. Searls believes that QR Scans will allow business organizations to benefit more people without a lot of efforts or investment.

Searls wrote an article in June and tried to discuss how Quick Response Codes can be effectively used to provide a proactive and cost-effective customer service. In this article, he talked about how some services like SquareTag allow people to connect almost anything to the Internet. Moreover, he also mentioned how these services use Quick Response codes to deliver better customer service via Cloud.

For instance, there are many brands which put QR codes directly on their products for better marketing. When a customer scans these codes, real-time information is delivered to the brand. Similarly, the customer also receives real-time information about the product that has already been stored in the Cloud.

How QR Codes Deliver Results

QR or Quick Response codes are machine readable two-dimensional barcodes. These codes can provide people with information about products. Unlike standard barcodes, Quick Response codes can provide a lot more information than just a sell-by date or price tag. They are much advanced than regular barcodes.

Scanning QR Codes with smartphones allows customers to directly open and visit a website where he/she can find a lot more information about the product or company. Moreover, it can also be integrated with some apps that may be useful for people. The company can also provide links with websites or help people track their favorite or lost items.

When we talk about brands, these codes can strengthen the marketing or advertising campaign of a company. They let a brand know when its item has been scanned by customers. This will tell the brand if there’s an increase or decrease in consumer interest regarding the brand’s products and services. Moreover, Quick Response Codes can also be used as a direct link to companies.

For instance, scanning QR codes would allow customers to send instant feedback or get in touch with customer service representatives immediately. They will not have to make a call to a busy number for any complaints. This way, companies will be able to easily address any concerns of their customers. Needless to say, customers will be satisfied that their problems were resolved quickly.

There are already numerous examples supporting this study. Google uses Quick Response Codes in its set-top boxes. Kansas City residents who signed up for Google Fiber can simply scan the QR code on the set-top box to alert Google that the account is ready to be activated. At the same, the set-top box delivers setup instructions to customers.

Searls uses Quick Response codes on his smartphone and camera. He has programmed them to do whatever he wants. As a result, he can perform many different functions with these codes. If he loses some items, he can program these codes to say something like, This is Doc Searls’ property. Contact xxx to return’. The codes on his camera also serve as a perfect way to show certain photos to people that he has taken with it. With loyalty scans, Searls also likes to appreciate certain services of the companies he deals with.

According to Searls, while using Quick Response Codes, customers will be able to do a lot. They will be able to perform more tasks. Searls also believed that when companies know how customers are using their products, they will have more data to work with. Thus, they will be able to make constant efforts to improve their products, services and customer service.



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