QR Codes Help Bath & Body Works Stepped Up Its Social Media Strategy

Bath & Body Works, the personal care retailer stepped up its social media strategy by including QR codes in their direct mail ads that promoted their new line of body mists with 20 different scents. These new fragrances were available to the market last February 6, 2012.

The direct mail ads aimed to drive customers to different Bath & Body Works outlets for an in-store promotion where they can sniff and spray the new line of fragrances. The two coupons attached to the mailer were used just recently for in-store or online purchases.

The QR codes which were at the bottom right-hand corner of the mailer provided a way to connect customers through the Bath & Body Works Facebook page. When the 2D code were scanned, users were led to the company’s Facebook page where they were asked to “like” the page. Upon pressing the thumbs up icon, consumers learned about the personal care retailer’s new products, got exclusive offers and were connected with world’s best fragrance fans.

Bath & Body Works operates 1,600 stores in the United States and has a range of goods that include bath and body products for skin and hair as well as home goods. The personal retailer company added QR codes to coupons to strengthen their direct mail efforts to reach out and interact with their customers.

With a mobile site and the use of bar codes, Bath & Body Works realized the importance of mobile marketing to increase the integral part of their digital efforts. Linking the QR code to its social media page was a smart move to increase their social media efforts.

According to Bryan Laurienti, co-owner and designer at BBB systems, “The mobile barcodes are a good way for Bath & Body Works to drive both in-store and social media traffic. Embracing mobile technology will help them reach more consumers and keep their current customers interested.”

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