QR Codes Increase Sales 200% for Verizon Store

Although initially used to track parts in the vehicle manufacturing of Toyota, the QR codes have now a wider range of applications. One of the most innovative QR code applications is bridging the gap between the offline markets with the online world. There are still some marketing individuals and gurus who have doubts on the effectivity of this technology. This is because there are other companies who promote their QR code to the public without any long term plan. They put it out there just for the sake of having it. However, with this scenario there are a great number of industries that are adopting the QR codes as a tool for their product marketing and advertising campaigns. QR codes may be considered by some as a minority technology but it is something that is not to be totally ignored. There are records and case studies that show it worked. Take into account the recent case study about Verizon. How did they do it?

The QR code is a free technology that when used strategically to its full potential, can bring in a lot of positive business results. Positive business results can mean positive business revenue, and positive revenue means a healthy company. One of the companies that adopted the QR code is Verizon. Verizon is a global telecommunications and broadband company. It provides a lot products and services to the community ranging from voice, wireless, data, television, and directory operations. The Verizon promotion was ran on Hipscan, considered to be the standard company in QR code engagement and marketing. They have created a unique method of using QR codes in that once it is created, the destination URL can still be changed. This is good news to a lot of marketers and companies because they take on big risks in launching high profile QR code campaigns. That highly publicized QR code has to work forever because the code itself cannot be changed once it is launched. This means that whenever the company undergoes an activity that changes any data inside the QR code, then they have to do a new QR code launching campaign again. This concern was addressed by Hipscan. The Verizon promotion used Hipscan-generated QR codes to take their store customers, who scanned the QR code, to an online competition. The mechanics of the game is the customer has to share about the contest on Facebook. If one of the friends brought a Verizon mobile recently, then the person who shared the announcement will get a free smartphone. What was the result?

This promotion brought in an additional of $35,000 revenue during the week of the promotion alone. This is a staggering result considering the investment that they had was merely $1000. The campaign worked because Verizon took the risk as a challenge and went on to launch the campaign. And also, they were not afraid to mix in the QR code technology, and social commerce. The unlocking of a contest by using a QR code was clearly a direct sales tactic that for this specific case study had a positive impact on sales. The use of a social medium was also a genius idea. This particular campaign generated brand awareness on over 25,000 Facebook profiles.

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