QR Codes vs. SMS Marketing

More and companies these day seem to be using newer age marketing techniques to enhance their marketing efforts. Some of these consist of SMS text marketing and QR codes. However since QR codes have came onto the scene they have become ever more popular to use with almost any marketing campaign.

First off if you are unaware SMS marketing consists of when a user subscribes to an advertisements list to receive offers or be notified of possible chances of winning some sort of drawing. This type of marketing is a good type of marketing however the success rate of getting people to subscribe to your list trusting that you wont abuse having their contact information.

QR codes are used however to enhance marketing pieces allowing users to scan them to interact with the advertisement. An example of a way someone would interact with a QR code on an advertisement would be if when you scanned an advertisement it played a commercial showing the user more information on the product or service you are presenting to them. Since the user does not have to give any information they would typically be more likely to scan it then subscribe to it.

There are always going to be upsides and downsides of using any type of technology. So far the only downside of QR codes seems to be that it is a new technology that more people every day are learning how to interface with. I believe that if phone companies where observant enough to see how many people use qr codes they will eventually build a feature into the phones camera and gallery to touch a qr code in a picture to go somewhere on the web.

SMS marketing is a great way to keep track of your customers and get their attention instantly if you want it. So in the end both technologies are great to use when marketing however from my perspective QR codes are very diverse and can perform multiple functions to spice up any advertisement.

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