The Best QR Code Readers for iPhone, Android and Blackberry

A QR(Quick Response) code is a square bar code made up of a pattern of black and white dots that when read by a camera and the right kind of software becomes a phone number or a URL.


QR Reader for iPhone
Creators of this app got it just right. It is, hands down, the quickest of all iPhone’s QR apps to scan code and it also looks impeccable.

When you read a code, the app gives you the option to launch another app to open the information. For URLs however, there’s a built-in web browser which launches immediately.

It allows sharing of the information through Copy to Clipboard, email, Twitter and Facebook.

However the web browser view has a few advertisements. This is the only disadvantage I could find.

QR Scanner
QR Scanner is also very fast especially since you don’t need to waste time aligning the code with the scanner. It accords you the option to customize apps which launch automatically when you scan a particular code.
The major downside to this app is that its interface is unattractive and iPhone’s apps should look good.

Tap Reader
One of the unique features of the TapReader is that it allows you to scan multiple codes in succession without visiting the archive. It also allows you to select which apps launch automatically or even to stop other apps like the browser from launching on scanning

The disadvantage of using this app is that when you use it for the first time, you need to fill in your email address so that your codes can be saved to your account for reference. However, the app has an archive for recent codes hence there is no need for an account.

I-nigma 4
I-nigma 4 is only for devices with iOS 4. It is unique since it allows you to save any phone numbers that you scan into your contact list. It also saves scanned codes in history for later viewing.

However, I-nigma has very few sharing options and sharing on any social network requires that you first close the app and then open the I-nigma website in Safari. It has few customization options and is not the most flexible of QR apps.


Google Goggles
This is by far the best Android QR scanner. It is developed by Google and has many more functions than any other scanner. It can scan all types of QR codes. This is important since some Android QR readers cannot recognize or scan some codes. It allows you to scan and take photos of QR codes. It will then search the web for similar or exact matches of the code. This app can also carry out translations of words on signs and packages in different languages from French, Russian, Portuguese, Germany and Spanish.

QR Droid
Rated with 5 out of 5 stars by PCWorld, this app deserves its ranking among the best Android QR readers. It works well and does not have the common glitches. It is highly ranked because it can scan any surface even uneven ones and it stores recently scanned QR codes in its local archive for reference purposes.

However this app is too complicated for the basic person.

BeeTag QR Reader
One of the unique features of this app is that it scans UPC bar-codes on any product and then it goes through a database thus allowing you to compare the price of your product in different stores. This is important when you are searching for the best deal and it ends up saving you money.

However this app has a few glitches and can be slow when comparing prices. It only works on Android smart phones and not all Android phones.



QR Code Scanner Pro
This app is reliable and easy to use. It can also scan and read all QR codes that other apps cannot. In addition it is free. The interface is attractive and it allows sharing of codes and information by copying to clipboard or to any social network.

Code Muncher QR Reader
This is a very enjoyable app to use since it is free of advertisements. It is also really easy to use and understand. It does not crash and reads QR codes quickly saving your valuable time.

However it is expensive to purchase as it costs $1.99.

QR Code Now by David Jones II

This QR reader also generates QR codes. The codes are generated locally and you therefore do not need an internet connection or worry that some website is privy to the codes you are generating. It allows for the sharing of emails, phone numbers, contact cards and texts with your friends.

However this app lacks some of the features common in other blackberry QR readers. It costs $0.99 to purchase.

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