Quaker Oats Implements QR Codes and a Jonas Brother to Help Garner New Interest

Research shows that there are more smartphones out there than personal computers these days, so it only makes sense that companies should start adapting their advertising strategies to meet this, but what about age demographics.  The number of teenagers with smartphones today is astronomical, yet it seems that most mobile marketing campaigns are aimed at adults.  Sure, most teens aren’t holding down six figure jobs, but let’s face it.  In many cases teens still have a fair say in what their parents are purchasing.  Food giant Quaker Oats certainly realizes this fact, and their new QR code campaign is aimed directly at these tech savvy teens and the parents who love them.

This latest campaign from the company implements three things that teenagers today love- Smartphones, Facebook, and a Jonas Brother.  By scanning the code, parents can send their kids a custom message from Nick Jonas.  There are a number of options to choose from.  The company is also allowing those who “Like” them on Facebook to access the personalized greetings.

While the primary goal according to the company may be to get moms to scan the code in order to give their kids a message they will love, there is little doubt that teens everywhere will be scanning the codes as well.  Kids and teens alike are apt to see these packages in stores, and we all know that when a kid in a grocery store starts to make demands, parents are quite likely to give in.  This is especially true given that Quaker products are typically seen as far healthier than most of the other options on the market.  With this campaign, Quaker is hoping to help parents and kids engage more over their products, and between teens and parents this campaign is likely to have some very big results.

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