Realtors Using QR Codes Saves the Environment

Realtors using QR codes in their marketing campaign are benefiting the environment, which they may not be aware of or consider it as a negligible contribution to make a dent in the vast scope of environmental issues plaguing our modern world.  A small contribution collectively grouped together will make a huge difference. Reduction in printing brochures, pictures, virtual tours instead of property tours.

Much of the buzz in using QR codes in real estate is in its ability
to link a prospective buyer to a website that gives them a virtual tour of the
property they are interested in.  Without the presence of a real estate
agent they have access to information concerning the property.  This saves
time, fuel cost and printing cost.

Vehicles are non-point sources of air pollution that cause global
warming through the use of fossil fuels.  With the reduction of property
tours to show buyers the properties that they would like to inspect and
consider, this is really a good way to reduce the use of fossil fuels and
reduce emission of greenhouse gases that paves the way for a better air quality.

Reduced printing of marketing materials, not only saves money but it
also reduces the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills, reduces the use
of paper which requires cutting of trees and reduces the use of ink and
chemicals used by paper and printing industries which can degrade the quality
of water sources.

If there is one thing sure which can benefit from the use of QR code
by Realtors, it is the environment. The contribution maybe insignificant if
viewed in one area alone, but if grouped together, the reduction in the use of
fossil fuels, decrease in the use of paper, chemicals and ink will cause a
significant impact to improve the quality of our surroundings.

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