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Why Generate and Use QR Codes?

In the US today, almost everyone has a cell phone and many people use smart phones. Smart phones allow people to surf the internet, find what they need and where they need to go. Most importantly, the wide majority of people use smart phones use them all the time. One of the newest and most […]

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5 clever ways to use qr codes

The history of the use of QR-codes started around the early 90’s. However, their wide use is made possible with the ubiquitous smartphones and the applications they are read. According to Comscore, nearly 20.1 million Americans who own mobile phones, used their device to scan the QR-code at least once in three months. By and […]

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QR Codes Increase Sales 200% for Verizon Store

Although initially used to track parts in the vehicle manufacturing of Toyota, the QR codes have now a wider range of applications. One of the most innovative QR code applications is bridging the gap between the offline markets with the online world. There are still some marketing individuals and gurus who have doubts on the […]

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How to get free advertising with qr codes

If you have been looking for a w ay to get free advertising I have found a way using QR codes. First let me explain if you are already unaware of this but there are many places on the Internet that offer banner advertising. With a QR Code you will be able to place them […]

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Coca-Cola and 7-Eleven’s Arctic Home QR Code Campaign

Coca-Cola,  the world’s largest beverage company  partnered with 7-Eleven Inc., a premier name and the largest chain in the convenience retailing industry  based in Dallas, Texas  to launch  it’s QR code Arctic Home Campaign in time for the holidays to support  the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) conservation efforts to protect the arctic habitat of  the […]

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Realtors Using QR Codes Saves the Environment

Realtors using QR codes in their marketing campaign are benefiting the environment, which they may not be aware of or consider it as a negligible contribution to make a dent in the vast scope of environmental issues plaguing our modern world.  A small contribution collectively grouped together will make a huge difference. Reduction in printing […]

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Innovative Ways to Use QR Codes to Sell Homes

The popularity of using “instant” devices propelled the creation of another tool similar to IMs and texting, the Quick Response code or QR code. A client recently included QR codes into their listings on their real estate website design, so here’s a brief article about QR codes and how it can be utilized in real […]

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Using QR codes to Throw Great Business Events

The rapid evolution in the technology of Smartphones has increased its usefulness, giving your iPhone added features which can be used to plan and arrange events. There are plenty of apps that can assist you in your corporate event planning, let’s look through some of them. Maps app is one of the most versatile tools […]

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Useful ways to use QR Codes in Real Estate

QR codes are a new technological innovation that is getting everyone in the real estate business excited. While everyone is saying one should need to use QR codes, there are very small number of resources that really show you the effective and best method of using QR codes in real estate. And that’s the reason […]

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Hennessy Brings QR Codes and Art to Its Bottles

Lots of companies these days are making creative use of QR codes, so it is really of little surprise to see other big names following suit.  One of the most recent additions to the QR fold has been famed cognac brand Hennessy.  The company recently produced a limited edition run of bottles featuring art from […]

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