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The Best QR Code Readers for iPhone, Android and Blackberry

A QR(Quick Response) code is a square bar code made up of a pattern of black and white dots that when read by a camera and the right kind of software becomes a phone number or a URL. THE BEST iPHONE QR SCANNERS/READERS QR Reader for iPhone Creators of this app got it just right. […]

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Android QR Code Reader / Scanner Apps Reviewed

We tested 5 Android QR code reader apps to find out which one we thought was the best. During our testing we found that not all QR code reader applications for the Android phone are created equal. In fact some QR code readers can do much more then just read QR codes but they could […]

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5 Android QR Code Reader Apps Reviewed

Here are 5 Android QR Code Readers Google Goggles (Free) – My recommendation is this one. Scans UPC, QR code and Data Matrix. Can also scan street signs and anything with words which it then reads and searches the Internet for matches. Barcode Scanner (Free) – My recommendation is this one. Scans UPC, QR code […]

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Google Goggles Android / iPhone QR Code Reader App Review

Recently we have tested Google goggles for reading QR codes on our android phone from the android phone app store and we are very impressed. The Google Goggles app not only functions as a QR code reader but also as a an augmented reality portal of information. It reads QR codes, street signs, text and […]

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