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Mobile Barcodes

As a business owner, the use of mobile bar codes on your marketing and advertising campaigns is one of the top things to include in today’s world. Due to the fact that almost everyone owns some type of mobile device, whether it is a smart phone, a pda, a tablet PC, or any other mobile […]

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Knowing more about qr code examples

The quick response codes are actually very popular in Japan where they originate from. Due to their massive usefulness it seems that other countries are beginning to adopt them among them being the United States, so from now on people will certainly have to get used to seeing them more. The qr code examples The […]

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2d barcodes

For business owners who are considering the best methods to learn about the marketing and print advertising used by their company to get customers attention, if you are considering the difference between 2d bar codes and qr codes you will find that qr codes are a far better choice to turn to. When you are […]

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Barcodes vs QR Codes

What is a Barcode – The traditional barcode is the system which many companies use to scan the prices of goods and products which are being sold in stores. The barcode is a series of numbers that dictates a category of product or good, and is used to track pricing, as well as to keep […]

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Best QR Code Generator of the Best

Orange QR is striving to be the best QR code generator of the best when it comes to features. We not only provide QR code technology which can be tracked but we also have tools which allow you to create vcards, gps qr codes and others and save them on our site so you can […]

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QR Code Size Specifications

QR code size is important when making QR codes. Especially since many companies today are generating the code, printing, posting it on walls, billboards and magazines and enticing costumers to scan it on many different mediums. However the sizing of QR codes is often overlooked when it is a important factor to keep in mind […]

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How a QR Code Generator Works

QR codes are popping up everywhere, and we are constantly finding new ways to use them.  Companies and individuals alike are starting to use them to create business and personal brands, and I am starting to see them virtually everywhere I go.  While many are rapidly adopting the technology and thousands of code readers are […]

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How to Scan QR Codes

QR codes are just about everywhere you go these days. It’s almost hard to believe that a year ago they were mostly popular among techies and in Japan. You can find them in most corporate stores today, and they are becoming equally popular in small businesses and on individual products. Go to virtually any convention […]

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Scanning QR Codes from Other Phones to Share Information

QR codes are incredibly versatile, and I’m not just saying this because they are my business.  Think about it.  A simple piece of code that looks like little more than a Rorschach test to the naked eye but that can perform a wide variety of tasks depending on the data encoded within is pretty amazing.  […]

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What is a QR Code?

What is a QR Code? QR codes (abbreviation for Quick Response Codes) are known as a 2 dimensional bar-code that can be read from camera phones then sends you to a website or provides you with information from the product. QR codes are commonly known in Japan where it was created by one of Toyota’s […]

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