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Integrating QR Codes to Promotional Products

With the advancements in the technologies and marketing procedures most of the marketers have switched from traditional ways of promoting their products through direct mails to new but linked methods to make them more interactive and quick responsive. The introduction of QR codes as a measure to increase the response rate of the customers had […]

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Why Generate and Use QR Codes?

In the US today, almost everyone has a cell phone and many people use smart phones. Smart phones allow people to surf the internet, find what they need and where they need to go. Most importantly, the wide majority of people use smart phones use them all the time. One of the newest and most […]

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Knowing more about qr code examples

The quick response codes are actually very popular in Japan where they originate from. Due to their massive usefulness it seems that other countries are beginning to adopt them among them being the United States, so from now on people will certainly have to get used to seeing them more. The qr code examples The […]

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How to Read Bar Codes: Is it Necessary?

The use of an online tracker which can trace your marketing and advertising via qr code readers online, is a great tool that a business can use to their favor. Therefore, turning to, and the online trackers and qr code reader the site uses, is something all business owners should consider, in order to […]

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Using qr codes in commercials

For companies who are looking for new ways to target their consumer market or a potentially new target market, the option of using qr codes in commercials is one to consider. This new format allows you to reach out to those who are looking for the latest technologies and trends, and are always on the […]

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Learn More About Ways Dentist’s utilize QR Codes

There are many ways dentist’s utilize qr codes in the current world. Basically, QR codes refers to Quick response codes. This is a two dimensional or matrix barcode used in trademarks. It was designed for the first time in automotive industry. However, this system has grown in popularity over the years thus getting outside the […]

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3 ways restaurants use qr codes

For restaurant’s that are looking to optimize sales, increase revenues, and deliver top services to their clientele, there are different options to consider when trying to attain these goals. So, for those restaurant owners that are looking for the latest technologies to keep track of sales, and what customers are looking for, there are 3 […]

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Qr codes in the future

In a world that is constantly changing with faster and efficient ways to do things, it is only right that we advance and fully embrace the digital era and all that it has to offer. Additionally, since everything that we know has made the transition to satisfying and indulging the virtual experience. This brings us […]

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QR Codes Increase Sales 200% for Verizon Store

Although initially used to track parts in the vehicle manufacturing of Toyota, the QR codes have now a wider range of applications. One of the most innovative QR code applications is bridging the gap between the offline markets with the online world. There are still some marketing individuals and gurus who have doubts on the […]

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QR Codes vs. SMS Marketing

More and companies these day seem to be using newer age marketing techniques to enhance their marketing efforts. Some of these consist of SMS text marketing and QR codes. However since QR codes have came onto the scene they have become ever more popular to use with almost any marketing campaign. First off if you […]

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