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Benefits of Using QR codes with YouTube Videos

There are many benefits of using QR codes with YouTube videos for your business and today I am going to discuss some of these strategies you can implement in just a few minute.  Today many people are using YouTube to share videos and knowledge with the world on the Internet. Now by combining QR codes […]

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Realtors Using QR Codes Saves the Environment

Realtors using QR codes in their marketing campaign are benefiting the environment, which they may not be aware of or consider it as a negligible contribution to make a dent in the vast scope of environmental issues plaguing our modern world.  A small contribution collectively grouped together will make a huge difference. Reduction in printing […]

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Innovative Ways to Use QR Codes to Sell Homes

The popularity of using “instant” devices propelled the creation of another tool similar to IMs and texting, the Quick Response code or QR code. A client recently included QR codes into their listings on their real estate website design, so here’s a brief article about QR codes and how it can be utilized in real […]

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Useful ways to use QR Codes in Real Estate

QR codes are a new technological innovation that is getting everyone in the real estate business excited. While everyone is saying one should need to use QR codes, there are very small number of resources that really show you the effective and best method of using QR codes in real estate. And that’s the reason […]

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QR Code Tracking Features

Here is a list of our tracking features which you will be able to have access to once you sign up for a membership with Orange QR. These features are available with URL QR codes that can be tracked using our QR code tracking system. Scans -The number of times a QR Code has been scanned. […]

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How to use QR Codes on business cards

Lately we have been helping more and more clients put QR codes on their business cards. This can have many benefits specially if you get down to your last card or just want to link someone to your companies website. However with so many different types of QR codes you could put on your business […]

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Using QR codes to better market real estate

How To Better Use QR Codes When In Real Estate QR codes are starting to become extremely popular as mobile devices are starting to use them to download applications and gather information. You have probably seen these square boxes that you are able to scan with a phone to get information popping up. If you […]

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QR codes on name tags are a great idea

Recently over coffee I was talking to a friend about QR codes and she came up with this brilliant idea on how Qr codes should be used on name tags. By placing a QR code on a name tag it will allow you to scan the QR code and get information about that person programmed […]

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Using QR Codes to Get More Facebook Likes

There are a few great ways you can use QR codes to get more face-book likes for your business, website, or anything. First in order to create a Face-book like QR code which can be tracked you are going to need to login to your Orange Qr account or sign up for one if you […]

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QR Codes on business cards

QR Codes on business cards are a great idea and there are a few different ways you can use them. First before we look at how to use QR codes on business cards lets discuss a few different types of QR codes that would work well on your business cards. The QR codes that work […]

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