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Integrating QR Codes to Promotional Products

With the advancements in the technologies and marketing procedures most of the marketers have switched from traditional ways of promoting their products through direct mails to new but linked methods to make them more interactive and quick responsive. The introduction of QR codes as a measure to increase the response rate of the customers had […]

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NRMA Insurance Drives Facebook Page Traffic Through QR Codes

Australia’s NRMA Insurance’s QR code campaign aims to tell people that they are different from other car insurance providers. They launched a QR code campaign that is rather unusual for the usual practice of this 2D mobile marketing because a scanner is not led to the usual landing page or video, but to the company’s […]

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New QR Code Facebook Demographic Tracking Feature

Just today we have activated our new QR code demographic tracking tool. This will enable anyone using our QR code tracking system to be able to see very useful information on those who scan their QR codes created with us. With our QR code demographic tracking it will enable you to create a campaign for […]

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Guide: Use Trackable QR Codes With YouTube Videos

Trackable QR codes in conjunction with YouTube can be an amazing way to get views from cellphone scans on your QR code. This can be done by creating QR codes from our tracking system that sends a user to your YouTube video. Step 1. First go to your YouTube video and find the URL of […]

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QR Code Tracking Features

Here is a list of our tracking features which you will be able to have access to once you sign up for a membership with Orange QR. These features are available with URL QR codes that can be tracked using our QR code tracking system. Scans -The number of times a QR Code has been scanned. […]

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Use QR codes to get more Twitter followers

Recently I have been brainstorming on all of the useful ways to use QR codes and I though of a brilliant idea which will get you more Twitter followers by just using a QR code made from our site. In order to do this you will first need an account with Orange QR. If you […]

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