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PPGNW’s Safe Sex Campaign Through QR Codes

PPGNW or Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest’s safe sex campaign through distribution of condoms with QR codes in its wrappers is yet another innovative way of using mobile technology into good use. This time, not just to promote a product to generate sales, but to educate and inform the public, especially the younger, impetuous […]

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Learn More About Ways Dentist’s utilize QR Codes

There are many ways dentist’s utilize qr codes in the current world. Basically, QR codes refers to Quick response codes. This is a two dimensional or matrix barcode used in trademarks. It was designed for the first time in automotive industry. However, this system has grown in popularity over the years thus getting outside the […]

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MEDSEEK Uses QR Codes to Improve the Patient Medical Experience

One of the most troubled markets in the US today is certainly the health care industry.  Wait times for appointments are astronomical, and many patients simply can’t afford to go to the doctor every time something is wrong.  The result is a number of patients who are at risk and who are not seeking the […]

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