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QR Code Tracking Features

Here is a list of our tracking features which you will be able to have access to once you sign up for a membership with Orange QR. These features are available with URL QR codes that can be tracked using our QR code tracking system. Scans -The number of times a QR Code has been scanned. […]

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Using QR Tracking Codes on Business Cards Properly

Using QR codes on business cards for tracking purposes can provide your business with a wealth of information about your employees and company. Typically when placing QR codes on business cards most businesses will place the same QR code on each business card. This is not the best way if you are interested in tracking […]

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How to use QR Codes on business cards

Lately we have been helping more and more clients put QR codes on their business cards. This can have many benefits specially if you get down to your last card or just want to link someone to your companies website. However with so many different types of QR codes you could put on your business […]

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