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PPGNW’s Safe Sex Campaign Through QR Codes

PPGNW or Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest’s safe sex campaign through distribution of condoms with QR codes in its wrappers is yet another innovative way of using mobile technology into good use. This time, not just to promote a product to generate sales, but to educate and inform the public, especially the younger, impetuous […]

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Budweiser’s “Track Your Bud” QR Code Campaign

Budweiser’s, “Track Your Bud” digital campaign is one of Scanlife’s best QR code campaigns for the first quarter of 2012. It is not only because the 2D bar codes are printed in the packaging instead of print ads which allows greater interaction with consumers while they are enjoying the product, it is the concept behind […]

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Kraft Completes Its “Make Something Amazing” Mobile Marketing Campaign with QR Codes

Kraft, one of the world’s biggest food and beverage brands is promoting their company’s line of cheeses through a multichannel marketing campaign that includes a QR code component with their, “Make Something Amazing” promo. The marketing strategy aims to show and inspire users how to use Kraft products in their daily menus and spark it […]

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2d barcodes

For business owners who are considering the best methods to learn about the marketing and print advertising used by their company to get customers attention, if you are considering the difference between 2d bar codes and qr codes you will find that qr codes are a far better choice to turn to. When you are […]

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Coca-Cola and 7-Eleven’s Arctic Home QR Code Campaign

Coca-Cola,  the world’s largest beverage company  partnered with 7-Eleven Inc., a premier name and the largest chain in the convenience retailing industry  based in Dallas, Texas  to launch  it’s QR code Arctic Home Campaign in time for the holidays to support  the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) conservation efforts to protect the arctic habitat of  the […]

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Phillips and Co Takes QR Codes to a New Level- Literally

We are always looking for the newest and most innovative uses of QR codes in the market, and in the past year we have seen some real creativity.  We have seen codes that can do a number of things, and we have seen them crop up in the most unusual places.  Business development and public […]

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First Fruits Is Using QR Codes to Change the Way We Shop for Food

With the recent recall of cantaloupes that have been linked to more than one death across the country, there is little doubt that consumers are starting to become anxious about the foods they purchase.  Given that this was not the first such incident, it certainly makes sense, but as a consumer it can be hard […]

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Quaker Oats Implements QR Codes and a Jonas Brother to Help Garner New Interest

Research shows that there are more smartphones out there than personal computers these days, so it only makes sense that companies should start adapting their advertising strategies to meet this, but what about age demographics.  The number of teenagers with smartphones today is astronomical, yet it seems that most mobile marketing campaigns are aimed at […]

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Hennessy Brings QR Codes and Art to Its Bottles

Lots of companies these days are making creative use of QR codes, so it is really of little surprise to see other big names following suit.  One of the most recent additions to the QR fold has been famed cognac brand Hennessy.  The company recently produced a limited edition run of bottles featuring art from […]

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