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Budweiser’s “Track Your Bud” QR Code Campaign

Budweiser’s, “Track Your Bud” digital campaign is one of Scanlife’s best QR code campaigns for the first quarter of 2012. It is not only because the 2D bar codes are printed in the packaging instead of print ads which allows greater interaction with consumers while they are enjoying the product, it is the concept behind […]

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QR Code Powers Home Plus’ Virtual Store in South Korea

TESCO, a giant retailer based in England changed its name to Home Plus in South Korea as part of its continuing plan to evolve and adapt to a unique local market by using mobile technology and QR codes. Home Plus’ mission to become the no.1 supermarket chain without establishing more stores in South Korea, tapped […]

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First Fruits Is Using QR Codes to Change the Way We Shop for Food

With the recent recall of cantaloupes that have been linked to more than one death across the country, there is little doubt that consumers are starting to become anxious about the foods they purchase.  Given that this was not the first such incident, it certainly makes sense, but as a consumer it can be hard […]

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