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QR Code by Design

For a business owner that is looking to add qr codes to their marketing and advertising campaigns, to the products they sell, to their online site, or to any other items or products they sell, knowing the different qr code design that are out there will help them determine what to use, and where to […]

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How anti counterfeit qr codes work

For those buyers who are looking to learn how anti counterfeit qr codes work, you will find that these encryption codes, placed in the product labels, are going to help you identify (prior to purchasing) whether the items are fake or counterfeit. The encryption in the qr code are put in to the labels, in […]

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QR Codes on Dog Collars

Just the other day I was talking to a friend about our trackable QR codes and he brought up the idea of creating a QR code for dog collar tags and how they would be very useful. After listening to his explanation I couldn’t help but tell you about this. We figured that by placing […]

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How to use QR Codes With Expiration Dates

Since our QR code tracking system has been in existence we have had a feature which allows you to place an expiration date on your QR code. There are a few different reasons why you would want to make a QR code with an expiration date that I will explain. This QR code expiration date […]

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Use QR codes to get more Twitter followers

Recently I have been brainstorming on all of the useful ways to use QR codes and I though of a brilliant idea which will get you more Twitter followers by just using a QR code made from our site. In order to do this you will first need an account with Orange QR. If you […]

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QR Code Types Examples and Explanations

Types of QR codes that you can make: URL Based QR Codes are QR codes which when created can bring you to any website URL or WWW address on the Internet. In order to see an example of how this code works just take any QR code scanner and scan it. After you have scanned […]

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