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Modern Marketers Need To Get Teckie

In tough economic times, it has become extremely important for every marketer to be comfortable with technology and use it to attract more attention. Market analysts believe that technology will play an extremely important role in technology. However, it is not just about technology platforms and solutions. Marketers need to understand and learn about technology […]

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Why Generate and Use QR Codes?

In the US today, almost everyone has a cell phone and many people use smart phones. Smart phones allow people to surf the internet, find what they need and where they need to go. Most importantly, the wide majority of people use smart phones use them all the time. One of the newest and most […]

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Knowing more about qr code examples

The quick response codes are actually very popular in Japan where they originate from. Due to their massive usefulness it seems that other countries are beginning to adopt them among them being the United States, so from now on people will certainly have to get used to seeing them more. The qr code examples The […]

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QR Code by Design

For a business owner that is looking to add qr codes to their marketing and advertising campaigns, to the products they sell, to their online site, or to any other items or products they sell, knowing the different qr code design that are out there will help them determine what to use, and where to […]

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The QR Code

No matter what type of business you run, the use of the qr code has really revolutionized the way you can do business. The abilitiy to scan these codes with so many mediums, whether it is a traditional scanner in stores, online options using a cell or smart phone to scan the codes, placing them […]

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Using qr codes in commercials

For companies who are looking for new ways to target their consumer market or a potentially new target market, the option of using qr codes in commercials is one to consider. This new format allows you to reach out to those who are looking for the latest technologies and trends, and are always on the […]

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5 Odd Places We Found QR Codes

While QR codes had a rather modest beginning in the auto industry, QR codes are extremely prevalent these days and can be found all over the place! We wanted to write about 5 odd places we found QR Codes, but there were so many strange places to pick from that it was a bit hard […]

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3 ways restaurants use qr codes

For restaurant’s that are looking to optimize sales, increase revenues, and deliver top services to their clientele, there are different options to consider when trying to attain these goals. So, for those restaurant owners that are looking for the latest technologies to keep track of sales, and what customers are looking for, there are 3 […]

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5 clever ways to use qr codes

The history of the use of QR-codes started around the early 90’s. However, their wide use is made possible with the ubiquitous smartphones and the applications they are read. According to Comscore, nearly 20.1 million Americans who own mobile phones, used their device to scan the QR-code at least once in three months. By and […]

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The Best QR Code Readers for iPhone, Android and Blackberry

A QR(Quick Response) code is a square bar code made up of a pattern of black and white dots that when read by a camera and the right kind of software becomes a phone number or a URL. THE BEST iPHONE QR SCANNERS/READERS QR Reader for iPhone Creators of this app got it just right. […]

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