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QR Codes Increase Sales 200% for Verizon Store

Although initially used to track parts in the vehicle manufacturing of Toyota, the QR codes have now a wider range of applications. One of the most innovative QR code applications is bridging the gap between the offline markets with the online world. There are still some marketing individuals and gurus who have doubts on the […]

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QR Codes vs. SMS Marketing

More and companies these day seem to be using newer age marketing techniques to enhance their marketing efforts. Some of these consist of SMS text marketing and QR codes. However since QR codes have came onto the scene they have become ever more popular to use with almost any marketing campaign. First off if you […]

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How to get free advertising with qr codes

If you have been looking for a w ay to get free advertising I have found a way using QR codes. First let me explain if you are already unaware of this but there are many places on the Internet that offer banner advertising. With a QR Code you will be able to place them […]

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Delta Airline’s QR Code is A Paperless Boarding Pass

Delta Airlines popularized the paperless ticket in the travel world by utilizing smartphones of travelers for their electronic boarding pass. The innovative way of eliminating paper boarding passes which have a tendency to be lost or misplaced during travel can be regarded as the most undeniable benefit the QR code has given to the airline […]

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Best QR Code Generator of the Best

Orange QR is striving to be the best QR code generator of the best when it comes to features. We not only provide QR code technology which can be tracked but we also have tools which allow you to create vcards, gps qr codes and others and save them on our site so you can […]

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Go Green With Orange QR Codes

Our Qr codes at Orange Qr can help your company go green instead of wasting your resources with traditional Qr codes. How you may ask. Well with QR codes produced from our site you are able to change where they are directed to with out having to change your QR code. This helps so you […]

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QR Code Size Specifications

QR code size is important when making QR codes. Especially since many companies today are generating the code, printing, posting it on walls, billboards and magazines and enticing costumers to scan it on many different mediums. However the sizing of QR codes is often overlooked when it is a important factor to keep in mind […]

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Innovative Ways to Use QR Codes to Sell Homes

The popularity of using “instant” devices propelled the creation of another tool similar to IMs and texting, the Quick Response code or QR code. A client recently included QR codes into their listings on their real estate website design, so here’s a brief article about QR codes and how it can be utilized in real […]

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QR Code Making Tips

If one would wonder where the heck QR Codes came from, it’s undoubtedly not that hard to answer. QR Codes may came from generators found somewhere in the interwebs. But creating a successful QR code isn’t quite as straight-forward as entering a hyperlink in a web page. Below are just among some of the tip […]

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Where not to use QR codes

In its eagerness to connect with riders, the transit authority has mounted ads that urge residents to contact them by phone, in person, the web – and even by QR code, printed right there on the ad. This is fine however, only if the ad aren’t mounted in subway cars.  And for other places within […]

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