Saving QR Codes to Bring Up Later

Don’t you hate when you find a great website, only to have forgotten the URL when you go to finish a story or share it with a friend?  Sure, we all have the bookmark option, but it’s not unheard of to think we can trust our memories only to completely forget where we read something.  The good news is that most QR code readers are designed to help prevent this problem.

Much like your favorite web browser, most QR readers will have a history option.  Here, you can go through the QR codes that you have scanned so that you can easily get back to a page that you snapped at your local coffee shop, while browsing the electronics store, or anywhere else you may have captured an image.  This feature is certainly great for those of us who take scans on the go, and it can ensure that you can capture the image you need and get back to the page when you have time to fully check it out.

If by chance your reader does not have a history feature, you still have options.  Since most apps let you scan a QR code from your Photos or Pictures folder, simply taking a picture of the code should be all you need to do.  You can easily go back into your photos later on and then use the app to scan the code.

At either rate, saving QR codes for later use is fairly straightforward.  Makers of these apps seem to understand that QR codes are typically placed in public areas and that consumers want to connect with pages and information when they are home or when they are done with the task at hand.  Features are becoming more plentiful as the technology expands and the programmers get more advanced, but the ability to save QR codes is pretty standard fare these days.

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