Scanning QR Codes from Other Phones to Share Information

QR codes are incredibly versatile, and I’m not just saying this because they are my business.  Think about it.  A simple piece of code that looks like little more than a Rorschach test to the naked eye but that can perform a wide variety of tasks depending on the data encoded within is pretty amazing.  It’s more than a simple bar code that holds a few characters; a QR code can take you anywhere.  What is equally impressive is that a QR code can be scanned from virtually anywhere as well.  You can get the same result taking a photo of a giant code on a billboard or a tiny code located on the back of your product packaging.  You can even scan QR codes from other phones.

Sharing QR codes can be done in a number of ways from one phone to the next.  You can easily send a photo of a QR code to another friend with a reader installed in order to make content sharing easy, but if you are in the same room, you can save the MMS charge.  If you want to find out what is in the QR code that has your friend captivated, simply use your QR code reader to scan the code right off of his or her screen.

QR codes are built to have a fairly good error correction rate, at least if you are working with a well designed code generator.  This means that you can use your iPhone to scan a code off of a friend’s low resolution screen and still make it to the right destination.  Scanning QR codes from other phones is fast, simple, and free and it can be a great way to share those unique codes and great finds that are cropping up almost everywhere these days.

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