Smyth Jewelers QR Code Holiday Marketing Promo Dissected

Last  December, Smyth Jewelers,  one of the leading jewelers in Baltimore launched it’s first QR code based holiday campaign, “15 Days, 15 Deals”  which started from December 9  up to Christmas  Eve.

Created by  MGH, a full service marketing group, they wanted to give  their client a unique and creative campaign that only showed the huge QR code hanging outside three of the store’s retail outlets for the month of December and the name of the campaign, “15 Days, 15 Deals” which was purposely made cryptic so that customers who want to know more would have to scan the code.

The store’s holiday promotion was about giving customers a store special each day for the duration of the promo. Customers can keep track of the daily specials by scanning the QR codes outside the store, the in-store signage, the store’s Facebook page or the main website of Smyth Jewelers. Daily store specials are either a free gift for a purchase worth a certain amount  or a discounted item that they can claim once the cashier validates the code the customer scanned earlier.


Actual deals were: a tri-color, three-strand pearl bracelet for a purchase worth $25 or more; a  free 97-inch strand of freshwater pearls for every purchase;  discounts on diamond studs and diamond earrings; a group of 10 Honora multicolored pearl bracelets free with a purchase and a free pair of Scott Kay cufflinks worth $250 for a purchase worth $500 or more.

The best deal which perhaps  depended on the customer’s preference was an autographed official NFL football signed by Ray Rice, the Baltimore Ravens’ running back for a purchase of a TAG Heuer or Breitling watch.  This reinforces the valuable brand tie-in of the Ravens and its preferred jeweler.

John Jackson, Vice President for Operations of Smyth Jewelers said the campaign drew three different types of reactions from their customers which spans across generations since they were in the business since 1914.  The younger customers who were familiar with the QR codes from reading Vogue and other fashion magazines, thought it was cool; the middle-aged customers once shown how the QR code worked, downloaded a reader to try it and were impressed.  The older customers who have no knowledge  what it was and thought it was a fun advertising medium once it was explained to them, simply asked what was the deal for the day but didn’t try it.

Smyth Jeweler’s first experience with QR code mobile marketing taught them a lot and saw the many possibilities they can do with it.  They have started  using them with some of their vendors and in print media to direct customers to their website and retail outlets whose locations and how to get there are given when a QR code is scanned. Mobile marketing now has a bigger role in their strategy and they do a lot  of advertising through mobile, the internet including social media sites, Twitter and Facebook to be on the cutting edge.

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