Sony Music Launches a New QR Code Campaign

While keeping tabs on the latest QR innovations was a fairly slow process only a year or so ago, this has certainly changed in a big way as of late. It seems like stores and corporations big and small are getting in on the QR marketing craze, and we are seeing some unique campaigns rolling out. Earlier this month, Sony Music launched a unique campaign in London to help promote new music from some of their most popular artists. The codes, which are displayed in taxis throughout London, allow users to enter a competition to win a tote bag packed full of the latest new music.

Entering the contest is done simply by scanning the QR code, which takes users to a simple form that requests a date of birth, email address, phone number, and name. The Terms and Conditions do not specifically state, but the chances are good that the code is being used to help build a mailing list. At any rate, considering how badly the music industry is suffering in the digital era, it is certainly a move in the right direction and a way to tell listeners that music companies are still working to adapt to the latest technologies.

Results from the campaign are not in quite yet, as it was just recently launched, but it certainly shows that Sony Music has a creative and innovative side. The codes are accompanied by a note that lets readers know that tapping gently and asking the driver will allow them to hear a CD from the artists included in the promotion, which covers a wide span of genres and artists. In short, it is certainly a unique campaign and may well be a step in the right direction for a company struggling to show music lovers that it is indeed capable of changing with the times.

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