Starbucks QR Codes Boost Company Sales

Starbucks QR codes are now being used at different cafes to boost sales of their mobile app which allows users to check prices and gift card balances. When a customer at Starbucks scans a QR code it brings them to a dedicated mobile page which promotes their app for mobile phones. This is a good strategy since when people download their mobile app it stays on their phone and is seen every time that a user goes to use other apps.

Starbucks has been smart to implement QR codes in their business since the crazy has been sweeping the nation. These Qr codes are popping up on products, store, windows and even coffee mugs. Just think by connecting a visual world with the internet is allowing people to interact with their favorite coffee shop in never thought of before ways.

Some ways that we have seen other coffee shops similar to starbucks using QR codes is by allowing people to order from mobile websites before even reaching the counter. Other ways have been used to increase local awareness of the coffee shops by allowing people to easily like that coffee shop on Facebook or to check in using 4square. Some coffee shops are even putting the QR codes on their front window so people can watch a Youtube video commercial for the coffee shop during hours that they are closed.

Either way here at Orange Qr we feel that QR codes are a new technique which makes anything from visiting your local coffee shop to interacting with advertisements funner then ever. So keep your eyes peeled for Qr codes at Starbucks the next time you visit and tell all your friends about the newest techniques to help their business. We expect Starbucks to be implementing more QR codes in different ways once they realize all of the different ways they can be used.

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