Useful ways to use QR Codes in Real Estate

QR codes are a new technological innovation that is getting everyone in the real estate business excited.

While everyone is saying one should need to use QR codes, there are very small number of resources that really show you the effective and best method of using QR codes in real estate.

And that’s the reason why we are here; we want to show you and discuss among the best implementation of this new technology in marketing your real estate business.

Similar to the social networks like Facebook and the micro blogging sites such as Twitter, or even Blogging, as well as Mobile, Video and many other new technologies which can create a huge buzz; some users will get familiar with this quickly and eventually pick up market share. While some might fail, still they will continue using it because other realtors are seen to be successful at their own. Below is my opinion of the useful ways to use QR Codes in Real Estate at present. I am not assuming that these are just only the available ways, so I would love to know your creative ideas and comments?

 Before I start with the list, here’s a quick note about QR code.  A QR code is a simple image with an embedded link to a website which brings consumer into a journey that is beyond the paper printed on it, of course when a code is scanned by a mobile device. One of the most important advantages for scanning the code is that it is being tracked, making the ROI literally easy to identify which is important for high level marketers. I believe when you are going to use QR codes, you need to remember these two things:

 1. The website that your mobile device directs your consumer is highly optimized for mobile phones, basically for a better viewing experience. With this in mind, I suggest using three popular sites that will encompass all five strategies.

This website allows you to create a mobile version of your webpage yet still has all the information of the property according to your preference, usually including the price, pictures and your contact info, of course.

Next up is QR code tracking from Orange QR. Like any other similar QR Code generation and tracking services, changes any longer URL into short ones so it’s best to use in a QR Code, and what’s more — it has the feature to track scans.

The third site on the list is YouTube that is well-optimized for mobile viewing and lets you to bring a new component of QR code    marketing — and that is the use of video.

In other words to make it simpler, when I suggest a particular video as landing page, just head over to YouTube, copy the video’s URL, and have it shortened at  to have the QR code generated.

 2.  This is a modern, fast evolving technology (have you visited online stores like Best Buy, and places like public transit, or even hospitals lately?) which require a more detailed  explanation and not just rather attaching an odd looking icon in print marketing.  Everytime you use a QR Code in marketing materials, make sure there’s a notification printed in small yet still readable text and explains your prospects that using it will require an application available for download at their respective App Stores, free of charge. It is also important to note providing an additional shortened URL just below the QR Code is essential so that those users who are new to QR codes and doesn’t exactly know how to use it still have the option to type the shortened URL the usual way.  Online services like and generate a shortened URL together with the QR Code which makes it easy to do.

 And now here are the useful ways if you want to incorporate QR Codes in real estate:

 1.  Lawn Signs – In my opinion, using QR codes in Lawn signs is the most obvious usage and this is where comes very helpful. Consumers prefer to get more info as much as possible before giving the sales person a call. By attaching a QR Code right on sign riders; you will be giving instantly all the information needed about the property to prospective buyers, those driving around looking for homes to buy.


Price, interior photos and community information are generally the things that a lawn sign fails to offer, and by leveraging a QR Code you’re extremely giving the buyer what they need once they want it. I do know some realtors would argue that a desire to call you is practically not necessary anymore as you already disclosed all of that information through the QR Code on the sign. And I would have to agree with them. People work with other persons they like, they’ll like you even more if you  provide them a reason to and stop holding back information that’s simply can be obtained even without you.  Again, follow the rules I discussed above for further explaining the technology and providing an alternative URL on the sign rider.

2.  Business Cards – Another no brainer in my opinion however I see some agents screwing this up royally.  If I had to guess most agents can place a QR Code on their business card which will result in a web portal where exact same info on the business card is then regurgitated.

 The approach should be like this.  Record a video and upload it to YouTube that is 100% clear to the fact that customers got your business card and scanned it.  Then use Orange Qr to track your QR codes

 So for example the  video starts with you saying, “Thanks so much for taking the time to scan the QR Code on the back of my business card, it was great meeting you in person…”  Then offer other social networking sites like your Facebook Page, Blog or Twitter account to let them know that you want to connect where THEY want to connect.

 In the video, be sure to layover text with all of the other URL’s that would be relevant and mention that whenever  the time comes for them to  decide  to buy or sell,  hopefully they will remember that you leverage the latest technology both off line and online!

 3.  Direct Mail – ROI tracking through the mail is now actually too easy when using QR Codes. If you do just o send them to the mobile optimized site for that new listing.  If you want to create leads and new business you may also consider creating a video that is specific to the mail campaign like the business card plan earlier mentioned.

 So for example you are mailing to Cypress Creek…begin the video with “The people are one of the things I love about working in the Cypress Creek area …” Then obviously let them know that when the time comes to list, working with a Realtor who uses the latest online and offline marketing is worth their while. Include images and video of the surrounding area to really give it that hyper local touch.  Once again, give them all your contact info, social media URL’s in the video and on the mail itself.

4.  Property Flyers – Considering all of the data about the listing is on the flyer right there in front of them I think that this is another chance to leverage video.  If you have a full video tour of the home on YouTube link to that.  If not make an Animoto video or make a slideshow then upload to YouTube and link to that.

 If you are not at ease with video then link to a listing page where they can then see additional pictures and data that would not fit into a single page flyer.  I have walked past 1000′s of real estate offices and have seen none of them leveraging this idea which again seems to fall into the no brainer classification.

 5.  Your Vehicle – Hear me out on this one.  I polled our Facebook fans back to test out and identify the number of them who leverage their contact information and domain name on their ride. It looked as if it majority of the participants does it, and that being said, do you even have any idea how many agents thought of taking to the next level and actually attached a QR Code to their car?  You’d be surprised none of them! But of course I can be mistaken.

 The strategy that involves QR Code is just similar to the business card.  Again, state in the video that you link to, that you appreciate them taking the time to scan the QR Code on your vehicle and that if they are looking for a high tech sales agent to help them with their buying or selling needs you are the one they should contact when they are ready.

An additional incentive is that if it swaps the current head-shot you have on the window of your Camry I have made the world a better place!

 So these are the useful ways is using QR codes for real estate.  If you are agree with this and if you learned something new from other sources, of course let us know through the comments section below.  I reiterate that I am sure there are even more uses of QR Codes in marketing real estate business, and certainly I’d love to hear and learn each of them. I feel though the list here is among the most precise and strategy-focused list you can find in the internet.

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