Using QR codes to better market real estate

How To Better Use QR Codes When In Real Estate

QR codes are starting to become extremely popular as mobile devices are starting to use them to download applications and gather information. You have probably seen these square boxes that you are able to scan with a phone to get information popping up. If you are in real estate, you can use these to advantage.

You are going to need to promote the QR code so that people have a chance of using them. This means that you are going to put them in obvious places that your potential buyers are already getting information from you. These codes can be created fairly simply by using our site.

Every flyer or handout that you might have on the homes that you are selling should have a QR code on it. It’s better this way as customers who do have smart phone technology are able to scan the code and get additional information. You could have this information go to a site that will list other homes that you might be selling that will work well with a mobile device’s screen.

You have plenty of business cards. Find a way of working the QR code onto them somewhere. This is a quick and easy way of spreading around this growing technology. It’s best to send them to a page where users are able to connect with your social networking accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. It may be a bit extreme but you could do the same with your vehicle as well.

The lawn signs on the outside of homes can have these codes too. You could send the visitor to a page that will give additional details such as photographs and virtual tours of the home. It will greatly increase the interest of people in the home once they know what’s inside.

Many realtor’s send out direct mail to people they have shown homes to. This is a great opportunity to make it easy for those getting the mail to connect up with you again. Send them a code that links to the homes that you might want to show off.

This should generate some ideas for you to take advantage of this new technology and connect with your potential customers much better.

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