Using QR Codes to Get More Facebook Likes

There are a few great ways you can use QR codes to get more face-book likes for your business, website, or anything. First in order to create a Face-book like QR code which can be tracked you are going to need to login to your Orange Qr account or sign up for one if you don’t have one. Once you have logged into Orange QR click the QR code creation tab then the menu which says extras. From there you will be able to select the social QR code drop down menu and select FB like.

After selecting the face-book like option you will be able to edit the URL in order to successfully generate a Face-book like QR code. This code when scanned with a smart phone will make someone like what ever URL you want them to. The URL encoded in the face-book like QR code can be for your business website, blog, or even news. Now before you generate the QR code you have one other option which could be helpful if your interested in tracking how many people use your QR code to like you. This could be very useful if you place this QR code on the front window of your business with a message which explains that if people like you they should scan your QR code to tell their face-book friends.

If you want to enable your face-book QR code so that you can track it you will need to take the URL once you have created it by copying. Then you will click the QR code generator tab and paste your face-book like URL in there. Once you have done so you will be able to complete the rest of the information and generate a traceable face-book like QR code. Tracking your face-book QR code could be very useful if its on the front of your store or used in an advertisement to see how many people scanned it and went to face-book to like your company or product.

Restaurant owners can use this if they want people to share their favorite place for dinner with their friends just by scanning a QR code. Having a FB QR code for this reason will make it quick and easy for anyone with a smart phone to spread the word on face-book about your business using QR codes.


Create a Face-book Like QR Code

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