Perks Found In Trackable QR Codes and barcodes on products together

Just the other day I was walking around in Walmart when I went to buy an HDMI cable for a computer monitor. When I was browsing products I noticed Walmart was using QR Codes with normal bar-codes on their products.  This is a interesting approach that can really turn your business if your are into retail.

A few ways that QR codes can be used on products are to show the shopper information about the product by either linking them to a webpage with more details on the product or to a video which could show a short explanation of the product and its use. Now if you track how many times QR codes are scanned on each product you will be able to learn some valuable information about a shoppers interaction with the product.  For example if you compare the number of QR code scans in comparison with how many times that item was bought you could get a gauge on which products shoppers are interested in however are having a hard time selling. You will even be able to see which products receive the most scans. This will come in handy if you see that a product is getting a lot of scans on its trackable QR code and selling well to track popular products as well.

With our QR code tracking system you will be able to create trackable QR codes for all of your merchandise and track how many scans they receive, the locations the items where scanned, which type of phone the shopper was using, and soon demographic tracking by tracking users logged in with Facebook on their smart phones.

If you need assistance in setting up QR codes with your merchandise please call us for assistance and we will be happy to help. 1-208-640-9051


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