Guide: Use Trackable QR Codes With YouTube Videos

Trackable QR codes in conjunction with YouTube can be an amazing way to get views from cellphone scans on your QR code. This can be done by creating QR codes from our tracking system that sends a user to your YouTube video.

Step 1. First go to your YouTube video and find the URL of the page your video is on. It will be something like Once you find your URL copy your YouTube video URL and login to Orange QR to create your YouTube QR code.  By creating a QR code this way when people scan it with their smartphone they will be sent to your YouTube video which will automatically start playing on their phone. This is great to show examples or a commercial to market your service or product.

Step 2. Once your all set you will then want to hit the Generate QR code button to create your trackable YouTube QR code for your video. Now you will be able to take the QR code you just created and place it on any marketing material such as a T-shirt, business card, coaster, poster you name it I bet you can put a QR code on it.

Step 3. Once your promotional material is ready with your QR code on it then it is now time to get the word out. The best way to do this is to give your gifts away to people who you want to promote your YouTube video to. When they scan it you will be able to see information on how many people scanned your Trackable YouTube QR code to watch your video. You will be able to learn information such as what type of phone they where using and the general vicinity that they scanned your marketing material from.

If you need help creating your YouTube Video QR code just hit the support button on the top menu and send us an email and we will be happy to help you out. Just send us your YouTube videos URL and your username on your account.

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