Victoria Secret “Sexier Than Skin” QR Code Ad Campaign

The  “Sexier  Than Skin”  QR code outdoor- based ad campaign launched by Victoria’s Secret, the famous lingerie company of Limited Brands is considered as guerilla marketing at it’s finest. The naughty and sexy concept   created by a Miami Ad student is  one of the most  ingenuous way of  using the black and white 2D code.

Billboards of  Victoria’s Secret  nearly nude gorgeous angels Erin Heatherton, Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge are placed in strategic points in New York City to entice passersby to scan the QR code covering  the angels’ private parts.

Candice’s billboard shows her seemingly unclothed sexy body kneeling and looking back saucily with a only a QR code covering her butt.  Erin is a nearly nude angel with her breast covered by the black and white logo, while Lily in a carefree pose is wearing a pink pajama with a fully unbuttoned top  with the code covering her breast.

Can you resist not scanning the codes of these beauties, especially if there is a flirty message in their respective billboards such as: Reveal  Candice’s Secret, Reveal Erin’s Secret and Reveal Lily’s Secret?

Of course not, just as long as you are being honest, you would, whether you are a man or a woman, young, old or young at heart, you would like to know what is covered by the black and white code.

And once scanned … oh la la, the prudes will squirm in embarrassment for being judgmental because your smartphone screen will show Candice wearing a red, frilly panty while Erin and Lily are wearing lacy brassieres that are all part of the “Sexier Than Skin” collection. Scanners are then taken to Victoria’s Secret website where they can look through their products, watch videos and know more about their newest line of alluring undergarments. Clever way of engaging consumers, isn’t it? And Queen Victoria for whom the company was named after, need not roll in her grave, for the angel’s private body parts are still  kept secret, at least in the billboards.

Victoria’s  Secret QR code ad campaign is truly  guerilla marketing at its finest because it embodies the concept of this unconventional way of promotion that aims to create a unique, engaging and thought provoking idea that will create a stir among consumers and make it viral to get  maximum results from minimum resources. The innovative way of using  the QR code in their ad campaign has elicited various reactions from spectators but confirms that sex appeal still sells.

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