See How Yoobi Restaurant Creatively Used QR Codes in Marketing!

Yoobi, London’s first Temaki Sushi restaurant generated hype for the grand opening of their restaurant when they encouraged smartphone users to scan the QR codes in their brightly painted boarder which concealed the construction area. The codes served as the eyes of Temaki fishes seemingly floating on the boarder waiting to be caught by enthusiastic passersby.

Tech savvy pedestrians who were intrigued with the visual display scanned the QR codes and played with a simple mobile fishing game. When a player “caught“ a fish, the message in their smartphone was, “Good Catch! You’ve landed the freshest fish around!” If players failed to caught a fish, the message in their smartphones were, “Unlucky! Your fish got away, have another go, there’s plenty more fish in the sea.”

Indeed there were more fish in the sea and the unlucky ones may gotten lucky the next day, because Ico Design, the company who devised the game regularly updated the code’s messages without physically rearranging the location of the fishes. This made the game new and enticed people to play many times. Many won more than once if they were fortunate. But, if not, they could have just waited for the QR code messages to be changed and tried their luck once again.

The simple mobile fishing game really engaged would be customers and they looked forward to Yoobi’s grand opening so they can present the voucher that they downloaded as their prize when they “caught” a Temaki fish. Winners were advised to present their vouchers on the first two weeks of the restaurant’s grand opening.

Yoobi’s promotional hype using QR codes to attract customers before their establishment was opened for business, is one of the best QR code campaign for the first quarter of 2012 as selected by Scanlife. The campaign showed a new creative way on how to use the 2D barcodes whether the business is still under construction or they are already operating.

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